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Phone: 612-LOVE 360

Tier one: Sell on wammybox.

Your CD will be available on wammybox as well as downloads for the corresponding CD. Wammybox will house your inventory and take care of your shipping and handling. In return, Wammybox will take $4.00 per CD and 25% of your download sales.

Tier two: Add a Feature Page

This includes all that is included in Tier one, plus a feature page on wammybox with band or artist info. You must provide up to three photos to be included in the feature page as well as contact information and a link to your site. This feature will cost $25.00 per year.

Tier three: Add a Website

This includes all the features from tier two. In addition a custom web site will be built for the artist or band that will be hosted on our server. Development for this feature will be billed at 40/hour . You will decide how elaborate you want it to be. Hosting will incur a $75.00 /year fee.

-----Email Wammybox and include Sell in the Subject line!

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